Donna Russell Consulting


Global Health Consulting


Intractable global health problems can’t be solved through isolated research.  They require an alignment of research efforts across disciplines, settings, and studies.  Success is achieved by developing a forum for experts to collaborate globally; by providing a mechanism for sharing research data publicly; and by inviting new and unconventional partners to the table to help solve the puzzle.

We provide the structure that leads to success.

  1. BulletBringing people and organizations together

  2. BulletProviding leadership and vision

  3. BulletHarmonizing efforts through coalition-building and strategic partnerships

  4. BulletIdentifying funding opportunities that will ensure success


It’s what I do.

What makes an initiative successful?  Brilliant ideas, bold leadership and an ability to listen.  Combined with passion, commitment, the right team and dynamic partners. Powerful ingredients brought together to help you achieve your goals. It’s what I do.

Donna Russell